JKG 150W Solar Power System

JKG 150W Solar Power System

System specification Item:

NO. JKG15oWK21


Output Voltage: 110VAC/220VAC, 12VDC/24VDC

AC Load Rate: 150W (300W surge power)

Output Power (every sunny day): 900WH

Solar Panel Material: Mono/Poly Crystal Grade A Solar Cell

Pmax: 150Watt

Output Wave: Sine Wave

Output Voltage: AC110V/AC220V

Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz/60Hz

Output Voltage Stabilization Precision: ±3%

Precision of output frequency: ±0.1%

Overload Ability: 120%, 30 seconds

Inverter: Invert Efficiency: >85%


Battery Type: Deep cycle maintenance-free battery

Capacity 100AH/12V

  • Product List

    1. 1 pc Solar Module 150w/pc
    2. 1 set Solar Charger Controller
    3. 1 set Sine wave inverter 150W
    4. 1 pc Deep Cycle Maintenance-free Battery 12V 100AH
    5. Bracket for the solar panel module
    6. Junction box
    7. One year free technical support

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